Monday, June 13, 2011

Memorial Day

Tyler had Memorial Day off!  YAY!  Knowing that, I signed up for our Lansdowne 5k.  I dragged the kids and Tyler along in the heat and humidity.  IT WAS SO HOT AND HUMID THAT DAY!  Our route ran through our little community and people were outside with their hoses spraying runners and it felt so good! At water stations I would grab a cup of water to dump on my head.  My goal was to run under 8:00 miles and I did...barely.  I ran 7:56 miles. Gotta do better next time. A friend of mine also ran, she's amazing.  She won over all for the women.  Then we watched a cute little Memorial Day parade.  I can't really remember the rest of the day, I think we just did yard work.  Fun, huh?

The kids so patiently waiting for mom

I actually got a medal!  I placed 2nd in my age group. I better kick it up a notch when I turn 30, because I wouldn't have gotten a medal if I was 30.

After the race.  Damon was pretty proud that I got a medal.   He kept insisting that I get the trophy.  Sorry bud, I'm not that cool. 

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