Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday after church....oh my

Today after church I stripped the kids down to eat lunch and after eating they were wired! They got their little toys and chased each other around our little loop (kitchen-dining room-into the living room - and through the kitchen again) and they did that for about 45 minutes before we broke it up for naptime. But these pics are cute (I think)...maybe cuz they were having so much fun!


I know you probably can't tell by the pictures, but these guys were running as fast as they could with their toys. Where does this energy come from?

ya, they were wired.

Andee has learned how to "shoot" a gun thanks to Damon. This is her shooting face.

Tyler made banana bread today and gave Andee the mixer to lick. Gross. Obviously she didn't seem to mind it. He tried to give Damon the other one, he's a little smarter.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Can I just say, WOW!! It's already been 6 years, and today was probably one of the most fun days we've had in 6 years. We started out by going to about 8 different garage sales and finding some sweet stuff, and then Tyler was so kind as to get me a facial and chemical peel (my aunt Jeannette did a fantastic job, I more than loved it!!!), then Andee took a nap and Damon was down in the basement watching a movie and we decided to put together the new dorm room bunk bed we got at the garage sale this morning for Damon (might I add $20 for the bed including the mattress), which was way more work than we anticipated (long story) but we were laughing the whole time mostly at each other. Tyler was sweating to death and I had no make-up on because of the spa day and we looked at each other and said this is what 6 years of marriage does to you, beware newlyweds! But for some reason it was a blast, probably because we had no kids with us, or maybe it reminded me of the simple times. All I know is I couldn't ask for a better man than Tyler, at least that's what everybody tells me. How did I get so lucky?

Can you believe how young we used to look? And that was only 6 years ago. I am in shock!

1 kid later

2 kids later

And before we're ready....3 kids...sorry no pic yet for that one (mostly cuz I refuse to get my picture taken)
Here's to 6 years of craziness and more to come, I'm sure! I love you Tyler!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Damon and Andee have been doing this thing lately, where we mention toast, treats, snacks, and they yell it really loud and then roll their tongues and start laughing. Here they are eating their.....TOAST!!! LALALALALALALALALA

36 Weeks

Tyler keeps bugging me about posting a picture of my belly, he says that there are pics of everyone but me on our blog (I say there is a reason for that).

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Uncle JC....I mean Andrew

My brother Andrew got home from his mission about 3 weeks ago and he finally came to visit us for a few days. We had a blast with him. We went to the Aquarium (here in Sandy) and the Hogle Zoo and laughed a lot. Damon had the hardest time remembering his name. He kept calling him JC (which is another brother of mine) and didn't even realize he was calling him that unless we said something. And then he would point to him and ask, "mommy, who is that?" I probably reminded him 20 times that his name is Uncle Andrew. Thanks for coming Andrew, we had so much fun with you!

Nothing important, but.....

We were having tons of fun and laughing so hard. Tyler was trying to be cool and show Damon all the tricks he could do.

And then of course Damon had to try and be cool, too!

And Andee had to have her turn

Having a bedtime snack (actually Damon tricked me) I had just made chocolate chip cookies for our trip to Bear Lake (the next morning) and Damon came in and asked, "Mommy can you please set up the green chairs for me and Andee, we want to sit down for a little while" and I thought, "Wow, he asked so politely, what a sweet boy", so I go outside and set up the chairs and just as I turn around to go back inside, Damon walks out with two cookies. He says, "Here Andee, I got a cookie for you and a cookie for me". Tyler and I started laughing, he totally tricked me!