Saturday, May 31, 2008

6 months old

Our little Andee is growing up so fast. I can't believe that she is already 6 months old :(

Here are a few things I love about her:

1) She is such a sweeite. Her disposition is so quiet and observant and loving. She loves to watch Damon and smiles and laughs whenever he walks into the room. I think she'll be his little shadow when she gets a little older.

2) She loves her mommy. Whenever I walk into the room she starts whining for me to hold her and cuddle her. If I'm gone and Tyler is babysitting, she does great with him until I walk into the house and she hears me. Then she starts crying and immediately stops as soon as I hold her, she'll look up at me with a huge smile and I just melt. I love that she loves me!

3) She is a great sleeper! What more do you want from a baby than a good nights rest? I am so grateful that she loves to sleep.

4) Her hair. I love putting her hair into a little palm tree pony every day.

I love my little girl so much!

Damon's b-day party

Damon's three! He is in love with the movie Toy Story. He was so excited to get Buzz and Woody. It was the cutest thing when he opened up Buzz, he said over and over again, "it's Buzz, it's Buzz, it's Buzz". For his party I had invited all his friends from nursery and we were planning on going to the park. We woke up Saturday morning and it had been raining and was freezing cold outside. You wouldn't think that would happen since we're in Cali and the week before it was 98 degrees. So I called everyone and invited them to our house instead. Tyler ran to the store and bought a pinata. Tyler cut the pinata practically in half because they were swinging at it with a plastic bat. It took quite a while for them to break it, but finally Joshua (who is a year older than the others) finally wacked it hard enough. It was so cute to see the kids put the candy in thier baggies. There was definietly more candy for each kid than should be allowed in a year (sorry parents). I totally forgot to pull out my camera until the end when we were eating cake and ice cream and pizza. Darn! Damon and all his little pals had such a great time. I love watching little kids play, scream and run around. Tons of fun!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well I think Damon's earned the right for me to brag about him. Yes, that's right...brag! I am so proud of him and how well he is doing with potty training. He's been sleeping all through the night for about two weeks undies! I didn't even tell him to. I had been putting him in diapers at night and noticed that we was waking up dry. So, I stuck him in undies at nights, and he hasn't had an accident yet! Also he is just starting to go potty without telling me. Yesterday I was doing the dishes, when I was finished I went looking for Damon and found him on the toilet going number 2! What a stud! I can't believe how easily he caught on. I am so proud of him.

First bites of Cereal

Here is Andee's first time trying cereal. How can baby's stand this stuff? Not only does it look disgusting...have you ever tasted it?

WOW! What is this stuff?

"Interesting" I think I could eat this stuff forever.

I changed my mind!

After the first few bites of cereal, Andee decided it was disgusting and wanted nothing more to do with it.

Uncle Judd's here!

Uncle Judd finally made it out to see us. The weekend he came the weather was amazing. We tried to squeeze as much fun as we could into 1 weekend. We went to the beach, the zoo, parks, and completely wore Judd out. Everytime he had a few minutes at home...he was sleeping on the couch. We hadn't seen Judd for about a year and a half, it was so much fun having him stay with us. Don't wait so long next time, Judd!

Caught in the act

This is Andee at 4 months old. I caught her rolling over trying to get one of Damon's trains. He must not have been around because he says, "That's too dangerous!"