Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fun with Grandpa

Grandpa Scott introduced Andee into a new favorite toy/thing to do.

Last night she wasn't feeling very well, she had a little fever and Grandpa Scott got her favorite blankie and laid her on it in the laundry basket, hooked up the rope and pulled her around the house for a while. She stayed laying down the whole time, it was super cute!


Thanksgiving came a little early for us this year. My Dad, bro and lil sis drove down Friday, the 21st, from Idaho and stayed for about a week. They left today, Thanksgiving day :( I am really going to miss them. I loved every second they were here, it was so much fun. We mostly hung out, went to parks, and out to eat. Grandpa Scott took Damon on lots of walks and bought him a train utility belt, Kinny took Damon to Bolt, my dad and I went running and worked out together, and Uncle Judd slept a lot, and made us laugh a lot, too. He also bought Damon some more trains (just what he needed). We ate a ton of food this week, probably gained a couple of pounds each, but it was totally worth it! Thanks you guys for making that sacrifice to drive all that way, I don't think you realize how much we appreciated it. Thanks for a great week! Time flew by, we miss you!

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Favorite Past-time

Damon loves to put Andee on the couch with him whenever he is watching a cartoon. Andee loves it, too. They are starting to get a long better, or should I say Damon is becoming more tolerant of her, sharing his toys with her, playing with her, and always wanting to pick her up. I think now that she can interact more with him, Damon is seeing how fun it can be to have a sibling.

Fun pics

This is one of those pics that are so ugly it's cute. She sleeps in our dark closet, so when she wakes up and we turn on the light, it takes a minute for her to adjust and she always pulls this face. I'm her mom, so of course I think it's cute!

Isn't it amazing how fast babies grow in the first year? I am in awe when I look at this picture and realize how much Andee has grown this year!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Because of a crazy 3rd Year of endless Clinics and School I haven't really been there for Damon.  Every time I come home at night he has to compete for my attention.  So today it was just me and him at Fairy Land.  He is such a good little boy and I love him tons.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Andee's first steps

Andee is getting braver and braver everyday with her walking. It's gone by so fast, she needs to slow down and stop growing up.