Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Shoes

I pulled out these shoes for Andee yesterday because she is outgrowing her other pair, she absolutely loves them! It was so funny to me because Damon never really paid attention to things like that, but Andee refused to take them off all day long. She threw the biggest fits when I took them off to change her diaper, for naps and for bedtime last night. It was so funny! First thing this morning she saw her shoes by the front door and brought them to me and wore them all day today as well. I hope I don't have a diva on my hands!

Notice the tears in the eyes? This was right after a diaper change...and that's the reason for no pants, not that it's warm here!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Backwards hat day

Andee came walking down the hallway with her hat sideways, the scrubber, and Tyler's phone and I thought it was the funniest sight. Kids do the funniest things!

Damon pulled out Tyler's hat collection the other day and all of us wore hats for at least an hour, even Andee.

As Mater would say, "Best Friends"

Damon and Andee have finally gotten to a point where they play together and I really don't have to worry. They are becoming such good friends and have so much fun together now.


The back of Andee's hair is curly and the front is super straight, so the other day I tried putting sponge curlers in her hair. Just thought she looked so cute!