Saturday, October 31, 2009

Katelynn's first laugh

Halloween, Halloween, what does it mean?

I am a total Halloween party pooper this year, lame, I know. Just wasn't feelin it this year, so I pretty much didn't go to any effort with costumes. Damon is very particular about being Dracula every year, maybe one of these years he'll acutally let me dress him up and dye his hair and put the make-up on him. Andee was a princess only because that was something I knew she'd wear other than her throwing fits, and I wasn't even going to dress up until I saw Tyler's get-up, so I pulled out my old witch costume from last year. I'm so boring sometimes. Tyler left from Phoenix yesterday(Friday) at 5pm and got home today(Saturday) at 3:30am. We get to see him for a few days before he heads off to Denver for a month now. He brought his costume back with him. Ever heard this song, "Who let the dogs out? Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff" That's me, pullin my ugly scary face...ya. There's my cuties going trick or treating! I thought it was so cute watching them walk away. I'm kind of glad we live in a neighborhood where we can just walk door to door. After Damon was done trick or treating, he was so excited about answering the door for other trick or treaters. It was so funny, he was that excited everytime.

First Snowfall

Tuesday we had our first snow of the season, it snowed ALL day long! Damon loved it and played outside for quite a while. Andee like it for about 5 minutes until she realized how cold she was. was all melted by Thursday

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Damon Damon Damon

I think Damon's exhausted. For the past couple of months, Damon's been night walking (I guess that's what you would call it). At first I would find him in the weirdest places in the middle of the night. In the middle of Andee's room on the floor, in the hallway, I've even heard him walking around downstairs. I'll ask him what he's doing and he doesn't know or he'll say, "i'm just thinking". My reply to that is, "it's 3 in the morning, let's go think in your bed." It started making me nervous, so I told him whenever he gets out of bed to come into my room. That is what he's been doing for the past month or so. I'll hear him breathing or coughing or something and find him passed out in our rocking chair or in the middle of the floor. I'll wake him up and take him back to his room. This happens at least 4 times a week at least once or twice a night. It's actually very annoying, but I don't think he realizes what he is doing, so I can't get mad and can't really do anything about it. So today he got a little cut on his wrist, might I empahsize little. He refuses to wear band-aids so I put a wet rag on it. He wanted to lay on the couch, I put Katelynn's blanket on him, he didn't want it cuz it was a girl blanket. I took Andee upstairs for a few minutes to change her diaper and came down to find Damon soundly asleep (with the girl blanket). He hasn't taken a nap in a few months, and those of you who know Damon know he's not one to sit down and relax. I think the poor kid is exhausted from being up a couple times a night for the past couple months. So even though it is 4:30, I guess I'll let him sleep for a little while.

Look at those long, thick eyelashes!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Goodbye Uncle Shawn

My brother Shawn has been here for a few days, he's such a great helper. He's babysat, taken the kids out and just helped take care of them. He's going to make a great dad someday. Anyways, he is flying out to Chile tomorrow for a couple of weeks, we sure are going to miss him. Here is a pic of him playing a computer game and Damon and Andee watching, eating their "licolish". For some reason they loved watching him play his game.

Damon's haircut

I gave Damon a haircut today, couldn't stand his hair anymore.


Damon AFTER: I tried going for the faux hawk style...

Andee's funny faces

She said, "love ya mom"

I said, show me your ornary face...this is what she gave me, pretty good, huh?

Katelynn 2 months

Katelynn is two months old now and I dare say, I absolutely adore her. I didn't know babies didn't have to cry or fuss. Seriously she never does. I am so grateful for her and her wonderful spirit. She is very special. Mostly for journal keeping purposes she weighed 10.2 lbs (33%) she is 23.43 in (86%) and her head is in the 31%.
We love you Katelynn!

Friday, October 16, 2009

So Polite

Nothing much to blog about, Tyler's been gone for two weeks, but has also been able to come home both weekends, so this month has not been too bad. Thank goodness. On the upside of things, here is a cute story...

Last night about 4am, I had just got done feeding Katelynn and went to make sure that Damon and Andee were covered (cuz it gets pretty cold at night). I went into Damon's room and pulled the blankets up over him. As I was leaving the room he tooted and in his sleep he said, "Scuse me". I just smiled and realized how much I love that little boy.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Tyler is leaving us for 4 months...ya, I'm not too excited for that one. Anyway, we took advantage of these last days we have with him to have fun! So we went bowling.

My little girl

My little Andee isn't so little anymore. She's getting so big, talking so well, and growing up so fast. I had to dedicate this post to her to remind me of the sweet little girl she is.

My Birthday

Well, my birthday was last week (and I didn't really take any pictures), but Tyler got home from clinicals about 7, we got the kids to bed by 8 and then Tyler pulled out the big guns. He ordered out from the Olive Garden, had previously bought place mats and candles and had the whole thing set up by the time I had come downstairs from getting kids to bed. He's such a romantic him! So we had a delicious, quiet dinner and then watched a movie afterward. Tyler also bought me curtains for my birthday which I have wanted since the day we moved into this house. my family room is now complete! BTW, I'M 27....YIKES!