Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Damon!

Our Pirate themed b-day party started out with a Treasure hunt.

One, Two, Three....ARRRRRGH!

Tyler made a sweet map that took them all over the park.

They found the big X marks the spot and started digging.

After lots of help from me :) They finally got it out!

Carrying the huge treasure chest back to the ship...

Why are the girls carrying it?  Guess the boys lost focus?  Who knows?

A pirate picture before opening the treasure chest.

Enjoying their treasures:)


My big 6 year old!

So I really wish I could upload the b-day song with cake, but for some reason it's having troubles.   I forgot that I bought trick candles and Damon blew them out and put them on the table (with a paper tablecloth on it).  They lit back up again on the table and burnt a small hole in it before Tyler grabbed them.  OOPS :)  My bad.  It was pretty funny because as soon as the candles lit back up and burned the table cloth a fire truck drove by.  Perfect timing.  The video is so funny!

Damon has grown up so much this past year.  He's done so well in kindergarten.  Learning how to read, write, do math, count money, draw and color so much better!  I'm so proud of him.  He's really a sweet boy who's turning out to be a pretty good kid!  LOVE HIM!


Luanne Hardy said...

What a cute idea for a party. I can't believe how big your kids are getting!

Brooke Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Damon! Can still remember when you were born.

cambersue said...

happy birthday buddy! I wish we could come sing happy birthday to you...we're REALLY good at that song;)! Hope we can see you guys this summer on our trek across the country!