Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catch up

We've officially moved to Philadelphia...actually we are in a suburb called Lansdowne. It is beautiful here, the trees are gorgeous, green, the homes are beautiful, I'm still adjusting to the weather...hot and humid. We spend a lot of time swimming in our little pool. I don't really know my way around yet, I can get to the grocery store, and a few other stores, but I don't really dare venture out just yet. Here are some pics of the last month or so, really haven't taken too many.

Moving Day: June 4, 2010

The kids were angels! I couldn't have asked for better behavior from them, especially Katelynn. She only got one nap that day, and she crawled around and when she would whine, I'd pick her up for a few minutes and then she was fine. We rented the smallest U-haul truck possible, so fitting our things in there was quite the puzzle. Everything had to fit perfectly so it took a long time to load it up because we had to think about how to get it in there just right. By the time we got the truck loaded, it was so tight we could not have fit a roll of toilet paper in there! After getting the truck loaded, we headed off to Bear Lake for the weekend.
Sorry didn't take many pictures. We mostly just relaxed and swam. My parents met us up there to take me and the kids back to Idaho with them while Tyler drove the U-haul across the country.

While in we were in Rexburg my mom and I ran in the Teton Dam Marathon races. We both did the half marathon. She's awesome! I finished mine just under two hours and she finished hers in 2 hours and shoot, I can't remember, something like 15 minutes. She rocks, I was so proud of her! My mom took all the pictures of us on race day, so I don't have any.

Then the kids and I flew out to Philadelphia. They were great on the airplane, watched movies on our portable DVD player and Katelynn slept almost the whole plane ride. Couldn't have had it easier than that! When we got here, Tyler had already been here a few days and had most everything unpacked and settled in. I just rearranged it all, but props to him for doing all the dirty work. So moving in was seriously, so easy, on my part anyway. The kids are loving it here, we've been to the zoo:

These were on the way home from the zoo. It was so hot, we couldn't even stand to walk around the whole zoo. We were there for maybe about an hour before the heat got to us. Poor kids were so red in the face and sweaty. Damon passed out on the way home, which is super surprising. He never randomly falls asleep. Usually it's the girls who do that, but they were wide and bright eyed the whole way home.

I know I've only been here about two weeks, but I can honestly say I like it here. My neighbors are extremely friendly and kind. I know them better already than I did my neighbors when we lived in Sandy, UT for a whole year! I've told Tyler I feel like I'm in a movie because of the way people talk around here, with that super cute eastern accent. I'm excited to be here for the next four years, I think I'm going to like it here!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who Knew?

Who knew moving could be so much fun....for the kids that is. Trying to keep them entertained while packing is not the easiest task. So in my best efforts I created a box house/tunnel thingy. Result: kids loved it, even Katelynn

Congratulations to Tyler!

YAY! Tyler finally graduated, we can now call him Dr. May!!!! How exciting is that, now off to that four year residency. Oh Boy, Philadelphia here we come ready or not.