Sunday, April 26, 2009

24 week belly

Okay, so I'm not super excited about getting huge, but my parents and brothers keep asking about how big I am and how fat I'm getting, and since my parents are heading to Europe for 3 weeks this week, I thought I'd be nice and let them see "the belly". Enjoy, cuz I probably won't post another picture of me if I can help it.

Hot days in Oakland

Last week it was super super hot (like high 80's/90's), and I took full advantage and every morning we headed out for picnics/parks/walks/and the lake. Damon loves chasing ducks at the park so I thought I should get pictures of that before we move. I hope the weather stays nice, because I love, love, love being outside and so do the kids.

I love this picture. We we're so wiped out from running around chasing ducks that Andee just plopped on the couch and pulled this pose.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

The easter bunny visited our house this morning! He layed out a bunch of candy (not like we needed it) and a toy for Damon and Andee. Damon, of course, went nuts picking up all the candy and Andee was again satisfied with her one piece. They both loved their toys and played with them all morning (that rarely happens), usually it's a toy for a while and then picking on each other running around. Guess we picked the right toys this time! Church was crazy, we had a lot of visitors and ended up having 15 kids in the nursery today!!! (glad we'll be moving soon, so that calling will be finished).

Easter Egg Hunt

We had an Easter egg party at the church on Saturday...I of course forgot our camera, luckily my friend took a few pictures for us. We first played a few Easter games and then headed out for the egg hunt. Damon loved it. He was so excited about the eggs making sure he fit as many as he could into his basket. Andee was satisfied with finding her one egg. Didn't want to put it in her basket. Eventually Tyler got her calmed down enough to look for some other eggs and put them in her basket. After the egg hunt we went to empty all the eggs and give them back so they could use them next year. I kind of let Damon go at his candy for about 10 minutes when I looked over and realized he had already eaten half of it! I had to intervene at that point. Too much sugar for him and Andee and their friend Izzie. They were running around the stage sreaming at the top of their lungs, I didn't care as long as he got out his sugar buzz before we got home. Apparently it worked, cuz both kids crashed when we got home. What a fun party.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our 1-day Spring Break

Thursday, was our one day of Spring Break. Why, you might ask? Because Tyler only has class on Thursdays....other days he has clinicals which he doesn't get excused from. Silly, huh? We took advantage and drove down to Santa Cruz Boardwalk. We had lunch there, played a few video games and weren't planning on going to the beach, but the waves were huge and irresistible so to the beach we headed. Who knew you could have so much fun in the freezing cold, a little rain now and then, and freezing cold water? We had a blast!

I took off Damon's pants and shoes so he could run around in the waves, he loved it. Andee fell down in the water before I could get her pants off, so off they came, too. After she felt the shock of the cold water, she stayed and played in the sand. Tyler and I also couldn't resist getting a little wet, so we rolled up our pants and let the huge waves hit us. Unfortunately we couldn't roll up our pants high enough, so we got pretty soaked. It was so much fun!

Since Andee's pants got soaked, we used Tyler's shirt (after Damon) and turned them into pants for Andee. She didn't seem to mind, notice she doesn't have shoes either...also soaked. Poor Damon was freezing cold! He was running through some of the waves when a huge wave came in and he wasn't ready for the size of it and it totally took him out! He rolled a couple of times in the wave (freezing cold). His sweater, shirt and undies were soaked, so we used Tyler's shirt to put on his naked, freezing cold body while Tyler ran to the gift shop to buy him a new shirt. Luckily I had taken off his pants, boots, and socks earlier, so at least they were dry for him.

Here are some of the rides Damon and Tyler went on. Damon went on the kiddie rides by himself, and one of the bigger rides with Tyler. There were a lot of bigger rides, but since I'm pregnant, I couldn't go on any, and therefore Tyler said he didn't want to either. That's okay, it probably saved us $20.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm Bored!

How's this for a reason to blog....I'm bored out of my mind. So why not post some pictures about absolutely nothing for absolutely no reason? Here's to boredom.

How could I not post this picture? Damon has so many expressions, they always make me laugh. What a character.

Andee's typical scowl. She is so good at scowling. I think it's hilarious.

My mom sent Andee this headband and a purse for Easer (thanks mom!) and Andee hasn't taken the headband off all night. She's such a girl. First thing she did with the purse was put it on her arm. After I put the headband on her, she looks up at for approval, so I said, "CUTE! YOU ARE SO CUTE" she got a huge grin across her face. I told her "Go show daddy" she ran over to Tyler and just looked up at him, waiting...he said the same thing and she just grinned and stomped her feet in delight. Are we creating a monster?

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