Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Fun Center

This place about 4 miles from our house, The Fun Center, has a $10/family on Monday nights, so we decided that would be our Family night. It's huge! There is a roller skating rink, jungle climing maze things?, about 6 bounce houses, laser tag, blast ball, and during the summer a water park. The kids love it! We went about a month ago to check it out and I wore jeans and a shirt and was soaking wet with sweat by the time we headed home...the reason...I have to climb with Andee and take her every where with me. This time I went prepared in my workout clothes and I still sweated to death. My confession: I probably have just as much fun as the kids.

So red-faced and sweaty! We were so tired by the end of the night, we all collapsed and slept great last night.

Getting ready to climb, with Andee of course.

Tyler gets to babysit Katelynn. He said he's too big to climb around and jump.

You can't disagree

Is this not the cutest baby you've ever seen?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Damon Paul May

I decided to post about each of my kids tonight. They all are so special to me in such different ways. Damon keeps my spirits up. He is constantly going, going, going, and it might drive some people crazy, but it is something I love about him. He has so much energy and loves to laugh. He is starting to ask the funniest questions, some I honestly don't know how to answer. He is learning how to read and is getting better at writing. He loves to sing and play and burn lots and lots of his never ending supply of energy.

Damon is my little helper. Seriously this boy is such a natural with babies. He loves to hold, rock and play with Katelynn. He is pretty good at giving her bottles, but he is especially good at taking poopy diapers out for me. He runs them out to the "blue garbage" for me a couple times a day.

He loves chocolate and sweets just as much as the next person....

And then there is his thumb...what the heck is wrong with his thumb? Is it double jointed? Is there a bone missing? I took a couple of shots with different angles so you could get the full effect when he holds a pencil. He is getting really good at finding his way through mazes, connecting the dots and tracing.

Andee Taylor May

Andee is such a special little girl. She puts up with a lot of teasing from her older brother and deals with it very maturely. She is starting to become very bossy, learning lots of songs and poems, she likes to color, and is very good at playing with toys and entertaining herself. Andee knows her alphabet and recongnizes all the letters! She is such a sweetheart, so fun to have around.

Something unique about Andee is her hair...it is so soft and fine and curly, it makes for some great hair days.

Andee loves her chocolate just like any other girl. She licked the brownie bowl clean and enjoyed every mintue of it.


The picture says it all. Such a cutie who loves to smile and laugh.