Monday, June 13, 2011


Teeball isn't so fun, sorry Damon.  You're my guinea pig.  I definitely won't be signing my kids up for teeball anymore.  Damon sits in the field and picks up dirt and puts it in his mitt the whole time, kicks dirt around, is dangerous with a bat and seriously can't pay attention to the game.  Can't blame him, it's pretty painful to watch.  This past Saturday was their picture day.  I didn't want to pay $20+ for professional pictures, so I took some of my own with my crummy camera.  And guess what?  They turned out great, good enough that at least we can remember just how fun Teeball was.

HAHAHAHA!  Tyler and I laughed so hard at this picture.


McArthurs said...

HAHAHA Shae your funny. I laughed out loud at every single thing that you wrote about this. HAHA Dang, i was getting excited to put Jeter in teeball next year. But if it's pretty painful to watch, maybs we'll just have to stick to soccer or somethin that at least he can run around and get some energy out.

cambersue said...

that is hilarious. that was like soccer this last fall with preslie. She had no interest in the ball at all...but everyone's outfits and coolers were fascinating!

Jodi said...

That is so funny, I think every parent goes through that phase of teeball! At least they get the basics ( you know ... what way to run around the bases! etc.). Hang in there, I always think the second year goes better!