Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh No!

Katelynn thinks she can keep up with Damon and Andee, but oh man does she ever scare me. I let her climb up to the third step before I freaked out and just put her up on top. The other day Katelynn and I were on the main floor and Tyler and the kids were upstairs. I wanted to run some treats over to our neighbor and decided I would be really quick and leave Katelynn. When I got home I looked all over for her and couldn't find her anywhere. I freaked out ran upstairs and asked Tyler if he had her, because I didn't mention to him that I was leaving her all alone while I was gone. He looked at me and said, she had crawled up the stairs! Talk about scary. I have to keep my eye on her, she sees Damon and Andee do too many things that she's not ready to do. What a cutie/stinker!


Mama J said...

Holy cow! She looks like she could just walk right up that ladder. How tall is she now? And are those Damon's legs in the picture? He looks so tall, too (not that he isn't tall anyways, but I haven't seen him in so long...).

Brooke Bailey said...

She's too young to be doing all that moving and crazy stuff. WOW! Impressive. My little gal is still trying to figure out how to crawl. :) haha
Glad to hear you're doing well.