Sunday, July 25, 2010


These kids couldn't be happier the moment Tyler walks through that door. They don't get to see him much these days, he leaves before anyone is even close to waking up and mostly gets home after the kids are in bed. And then at least once a week he is on call where he is in the hospital for over 24 hours. He's working so hard, and so sleep deprived, poor man. I hope he can survive these next couple of years. I was saying before, the kids are so happy when he gets home early (getting home early meaning around 7pm) They crawl all over him and wrestle with him, even Katelynn gets in on the action.

Does he look beat or what? Poor guy works at least 14 hour days. Uggghhh.

Getting so close to walking

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Juliette said...

So cute! These pictures remind me of "Daddy time" at our house!