Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Fourth

For some reason, blogging is the last thing on the earth I want to do these days. I'd rather clean the bathroom! Anyway, our 4h of July was so much fun. Tyler had the day off (insert big huge smile) we did the parade which was one of the cutest parades I've seen in a while. Next we hit up the library, they have the most amazing kid's section. Tons of play areas and toys so I don't have to worry about them knocking books off the shelves while I look for books. Next was swimming, lunch at the park then home for naps. Dinner then fireworks. The little community here does fireworks at the high school, our neighbor lady was so kind and gave us her tickets to the firework show. The kiddos loved it. They ran all around the football field, danced to music and ooed and awed at the gorgeous fireworks. I was so impressed, I was even in awe. What a fun day/night and what a blessing to live in this beautiful country.

ps I think I am the worst picture taker in the world...meaning I always forget my camera!