Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WOW!!! I'm really good at blogging...

So ever since being on facebook, my blogging has gone extremely downhill!  Haven't really been up to much this summer, except we joined a swim club. YAY!!!  And that's been our # 1 spot this summer. It's been so hot, I'm so glad we have a pool to go to.  Even though all my kids hate the water (they are getting a little more adventurous).  For example, Damon refuses to go underwater, but at least he's gotten to the point where he'll let Tyler throw him around and rough house him in the shallow end.  Andee refuses to get her face wet, but at least now she'll float around by herself with confidence.  And Katelynn didn't used to be scared until she jumped in when nobody was close and she was underwater for probably 5-10 seconds.  Now she is extremely cautious, which I don't mind.  She likes the baby pool and likes to take her barbies for rides in the "floatie" and she plays great with all the other kids her age.  I'm so glad we joined this swim club, otherwise we wouldn't be outside much because of the heat.

p.s. not great pictures, taken with my crappy phone

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