Friday, December 4, 2009

Andee's 2nd birthday

Andee's 2nd birthday was so fun. She was so cute and had a blast. She got to celebrate it twice this year. First in Rexburg over Thanksgiving weekend with my side of the family, and second here in Sandy on her real birthday with Tyler's parents. She had so much fun and loved being center of attention. Damon wanted so bad to open her presents for her. He had such a hard time just watching. We had such a fun night. Thanks to all for the awesome gifts. She loves her new toys.

The girl of the night!

Damon and Grandma May playing with Andee's new toys.

Worn out after so much fun, Andee and Grandpa May had to get in some cuddle time.


Mama J said...

Happy Birthday Andee! Wow, I can't believe she is two. She has lost her toddler/baby look. Love how Damon tries to "help" her. Looks like she really liked her presents. She's pretty cute.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

D and A said...

HAPPY B-DAY little one! SHae she is getting so big! I love it... "ah present"! And Damons voice is totally changing. Ok...Tyler sounds like his Dad! I hope everything is going great. We miss you guys.Maybe I can see you in Jan. I'll be there to visit. Love to meet KJ!!

cambersue said...

Happy Birthday Andee,

Hey, I just bought a Christmas present for you guys... its on its way in the mail (just so you know). It won't have our names on it since I bought it on Ebay.

Mellysnelly said...

I can't believe she is two! You guys are such a cute family. I really look up to you, literally.