Thursday, December 17, 2009

4 months

Little Katelynn is 4 months old. Wow, and I love her more than ever! Everytime we make eye contact, the biggest, cutest smile breaks across her face. Today was warm(40degrees as compared to the single digits) so we took full advantage and went on a nice long walk. The kids loved it! Here is a picture of Katelynn from her first winter walk. So cute, I can't get enough of her chubby little cheeks!

This girl loves to eat! She will use her hands until she gets every last drop cleaned off her plate. I have to scrub her spot every single time, she is always this messy!

This boy isn't so much into eating. It's amazing how little he lives on! And I never have to clean his spot, he is the cleanest eater, so careful.


Mama J said...

I love Andee's face in the last picture! And Katelynn is such a doll. I see you in her. And that hat is so cute.

And that's all. Sorry I meant to call you back the other night, but got busy - I'm sure you know the feeling. I'll try and get ahold of you soon.

D and A said...

Oh my Andee has quite the little yoshi tongue! Damon is getting s big. Give Katelynn a kiss for West! Maybe we can all visit in Jan when we come out.

taggdarci said...

Shae, you're kids are so adorable! I can't believe your little Katelynn is already 4 months old! Hope you have a great Christmas!

The Bec-ster said...

Growing so fast! Miss you guys!