Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Damon and Andee have been doing this thing lately, where we mention toast, treats, snacks, and they yell it really loud and then roll their tongues and start laughing. Here they are eating their.....TOAST!!! LALALALALALALALALA


The Shelton Family said...

Your little kids are Darling they look so much like each other. By the way you look amazing for how far along you are. Let us know if you ever need anything. DO you have a name picked out for this next one

cambersue said...

I always like checking your blog when I get a few minutes. The kids look like they're doing great in Utah... everybody looks a bit happier. You are a skinny 36 weeks ShaeLee... Camber was way bigger when she was 36 week prego (haha). I miss you guys!