Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nothing important, but.....

We were having tons of fun and laughing so hard. Tyler was trying to be cool and show Damon all the tricks he could do.

And then of course Damon had to try and be cool, too!

And Andee had to have her turn

Having a bedtime snack (actually Damon tricked me) I had just made chocolate chip cookies for our trip to Bear Lake (the next morning) and Damon came in and asked, "Mommy can you please set up the green chairs for me and Andee, we want to sit down for a little while" and I thought, "Wow, he asked so politely, what a sweet boy", so I go outside and set up the chairs and just as I turn around to go back inside, Damon walks out with two cookies. He says, "Here Andee, I got a cookie for you and a cookie for me". Tyler and I started laughing, he totally tricked me!


A and M said...

What a smart kido! And we're totally impressed by all of Tyler's tricks!

D and A said...

LOL! Too smart!