Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm Bored!

How's this for a reason to blog....I'm bored out of my mind. So why not post some pictures about absolutely nothing for absolutely no reason? Here's to boredom.

How could I not post this picture? Damon has so many expressions, they always make me laugh. What a character.

Andee's typical scowl. She is so good at scowling. I think it's hilarious.

My mom sent Andee this headband and a purse for Easer (thanks mom!) and Andee hasn't taken the headband off all night. She's such a girl. First thing she did with the purse was put it on her arm. After I put the headband on her, she looks up at for approval, so I said, "CUTE! YOU ARE SO CUTE" she got a huge grin across her face. I told her "Go show daddy" she ran over to Tyler and just looked up at him, waiting...he said the same thing and she just grinned and stomped her feet in delight. Are we creating a monster?

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Papa and G-ma said...

Hey guys, I'm bored too right now! This is Jerry and I'm in Bozeman MT, and I thought I'd take a look at your blog. Great pics (ie Damon expression). Hope all is well... keep in touch.