Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We had an Easter egg party at the church on Saturday...I of course forgot our camera, luckily my friend took a few pictures for us. We first played a few Easter games and then headed out for the egg hunt. Damon loved it. He was so excited about the eggs making sure he fit as many as he could into his basket. Andee was satisfied with finding her one egg. Didn't want to put it in her basket. Eventually Tyler got her calmed down enough to look for some other eggs and put them in her basket. After the egg hunt we went to empty all the eggs and give them back so they could use them next year. I kind of let Damon go at his candy for about 10 minutes when I looked over and realized he had already eaten half of it! I had to intervene at that point. Too much sugar for him and Andee and their friend Izzie. They were running around the stage sreaming at the top of their lungs, I didn't care as long as he got out his sugar buzz before we got home. Apparently it worked, cuz both kids crashed when we got home. What a fun party.

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Amy Covington said...

Thats a pretty cool Lightening McQueen basket... I bet it was so fun taking Damon to an Easter Egg hunt. He is getting so big and still cute as ever