Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hot days in Oakland

Last week it was super super hot (like high 80's/90's), and I took full advantage and every morning we headed out for picnics/parks/walks/and the lake. Damon loves chasing ducks at the park so I thought I should get pictures of that before we move. I hope the weather stays nice, because I love, love, love being outside and so do the kids.

I love this picture. We we're so wiped out from running around chasing ducks that Andee just plopped on the couch and pulled this pose.


D and A said...

How cute is she!?! With her cute little bangs she is looking more and more like you! I can't believe you're leaving soon. We'll have to do another farewell picnic in May before things get too crazy

Amy Covington said...

Andie is so stinkin' adorable. I really can't get over how cute she is.