Thursday, September 4, 2008

A few firsts

Here are a few our first - "firsts"
-Our first Oakland A's game (thanks Jeremy and Janelle)

-Andee's new tricks
- holding her bottle and actually drinking it
- pulling herself up onto things

Life is so much fun!


McArthurs said...

That's sweet you got to go to a game. We just went to an Indians game last weekend. I love goin! Shae, that's pretty funny that you had a dream about our reunion. In your dream, were you just laughing at us cuz we couldn't dance? HAHA, cuz i know if i wasn't participating in it, i would be laughing. Actually, that's mainly all that we did is laughed. So Shae, i don't remember, when are you guys running your big race? How's that coming along?

The Wood Family said...

I can't believe how much Andee has changed since we saw you guys!!! She is soo cute!!! She looks a ton like you Shae!!
Happy late Birthday Tyler!!

Selena & McNeal said...

Oh my gosh ShaeLee its been so long!! Your little daughter is so cute! SHE looks just like you!!!!

Snowy said...

Great work.