Monday, September 22, 2008


My childhood friend tagged me, so here it goes...

The Rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
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3. Tell about 6 Unspectacular quirks of yours.
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1. I hate unolading the dishes. Hate it, hate it, hate it! The dishes might sit there for a few days before I actually get sick enough of looking at them to unload the dishwasher and load it really quick. It's so silly because it only takes like 3 minutes to unload. Honestly ShaeLee, grow up.

2. I can't sleep. I don't know why, isn't this supposed to come natural? The longest stretch I can go is about 3 hours. I wake up about 3-4 times a night and it takes about an hour to fall back to sleep. It also takes me about that long to initially fall asleep. I hate it so bad. I just want to sleep. I wake up sweating to death, even though I'm only wearing my (I don't know if I should say this on the internet without being struck down) the word that starts with a g...and just a sheet over me with a fan running, and I wear ear plugs so stupid little noises don't wake me up. So during my wakeful periods of the night I use the bathroom and tuck the kids in, every single night at least 2 times. Hear my plea!!!! Please somebody help me!

3. I think I have some OCD tendancies. I am obssessed with keeping drawers, closets, tables, shelves, everything perfectly organized. This drives Tyler crazy. I have to fold clothes by myself otherwise I end up refolding the clothes Tyler folded, which probably offends him a little. I don't know though, he probably just laughs at this. My bed has to be perfectly made, the closets have to be perfectly in order, and something kind of silly is that I color coordinate everything hanging up in our closet. Who has time for this? Obviously I do. Sad.

4. I chew gum 24/7! All day long and all night long. I hate waking up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth so I chew gum. Again, this drives Tyler crazy. He's says I spend way too much money on gum.

5. Whenever there are goodies leftover from the night on the counter in the morning I eat them for breakfast. Not healthy! It always gives me a tummy ache and yet I know I'll keep doing it.

6. My least favorite thing about myself is that I'm not patient. All of you moms out there probably don't have this problem, but I fully admint to it and have to work 100% on it every day. Somedays are better than others but I will become a patient person if it's the last thing I do. Which, it will probably be the last thing I do, but I swear it's something I consciously work on every single day!

I tag Janelle, Marielle, Lauren, Brittany M., Brittny W., and Cindy.


Jenny said...

Now I understand why your house was always immaculate when I came over. Too bad I don't have more OCD in me; our house would be less of a mess. That sucks that you can't sleep. Sleep is almost my favorite thing in life; next to Diet Coke!

nat said...

Dude Shae! You need some sleep! I have troubles falling asleep, but when i'm out I'm out. My hubby hates trying to wake me up in the morning. Yes, that is his job. :) Good luck with that.

Jillian said...

Hi! I just happened upon your post via Brittny's. How are you? Oh, I guess I should clarify who I am! Jillian Browning from SSHS 2000. Anyhow, yuck on the sleep thing, but I'd count the OCD on organization as a blessing! Whenever there is the "get your homes in order" reminder over the pulpit, I think, "Time to make that chore chart--again!" Anyway, it's good to see you are doing well.

McArthurs said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAE!!! By the way, if those are your quirks, then i'm just as quirky as you. A lot of those are the exact same for me, how funny. I also have my clothes color coordinated in my closet and Had makes fun of me like crazy, but i like it. It helps you to be able to find just what your looking for. :) By the way, good job on your race. Me and Had signed up for a 1/2 marathon also, so i'm glad you liked it. That makes me feel better, cuz i'm starting to get real sick of training for it.

Melissa said...

That is probably a good idea. My email is

Lainey said...

Hey Shay! I am so glad you commented on my blog - I am not much for blog surfing. It sounds like life is good! We are looking at a PT residency in california, so maybe we will join you : ) Your kids are of course adorable!

McArthurs said...

Haha don't worry about not remembering my birthday, i have a little secret to help me remember everybody's. :) Mine is on Nov. 14th. Oh and my race is Oct. 11 in Baltimore.

angela said...

Hey you! It's Ang (Timothy)--remember me from your long ago past? Anyway, I was catching up on you through Miss's blog, and thought I would tell you that I wake up for hours at a time in the night, too, and it's horrible. I'm so sorry. And I am the least patient person I have ever made. I picture every other mom in the world being so perfectly kind and good and patient. I bet you are a great mom. (hey, maybe sleep and patience are somehow linked. . . )Anyway, very beautiful family you have--Take care!