Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sunday Snow, Friday Flying Kites

Sunday there was snow.  The snow had all melted by Wednesday. Friday after I picked Damon up from school, the wind was blowing pretty hard.  Damon said, "Mom, let's fly a kite".  I said, "We don't have one".  He said, "Well, then let's go buy one".  My reply,  "We're too poor".  (that's been my line lately, and he seems to get it) He says, "Then we have to make our own kites".    

So he did!  He cut diamonds out for everyone and punched a hole in them and tied some yarn to it.

They were having way too much fun with paper and yarn!

Again, they were out there for about an hour before I had to break it up. Had to teach a piano lesson.  

All sorts of ways to fly a kite in case you didn't know.

Get it up high Katelynn!

Andee was fun to watch:)

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