Saturday, September 11, 2010

Killin time at the zoo

Wherever you live with young kids you have to become a member of the zoo, right?  I mean isn't that just a rule of motherhood?  Today Tyler was on call (which means he is at the hospital all day and all night) and that makes for a very long Saturday.  Also the weather has finally cooled down enough that we can actually enjoy walking around the zoo for more than 45 minutes.  At the zoo here in Philly they have a little play land that the kids absolutely love, plus it's air conditioned.  I'm all about spending as much time in there as possible.  I went a little camera crazy, probably making up for all the pictures I haven't taken this summer.  I was really worried about Damon getting hurt because he wasn't wearing his sling.  (I think I forgot to mention he broke his collar bone about 3 weeks ago) He's healed enough to the point that it doesn't hurt, but there is still a huge space in the collar bone where he broke it, so I try and keep the sling on him to remind him to be careful.  Oh well.

Yes, that is a huge, huge, huge bee!

Can I just say how hard it is to try and take pictures and keep track of all 3 kids!

And finally,  the story of the day...we were in the primate house watching all the apes, gorilla's and orangutans (my personal favorite because you always get action there).  So you know those wooden things with animals painted on them and a hole cut out to put your face in to get a picture?  Well, some girl (probably 9 years old) was putting her face in while her mom was taking a picture and her dad was standing next to her.  Damon walks up to her wondering what the heck she is doing, puts his finger up to her nose (doesn't even touch her) and this dad grabs his arm right in front of me!!!  I was so mad, I said  "Let go, I'm his mother I can handle it."  He says, "Then you better control him."  I said, "I have 3 kids here by myself, and beside that he wasn't doing anything I needed to take control of."  He said, "you shouldn't have so many kids if you can't control them, then."  I was so mad (let my temper get the best of me) and called him a naughty word and walked off.  As we were walking off, Damon said, "mommy, what's a !@#!@^*"  Hee hee hee.  I love that kid.


cambersue said...

I must say good for you for saying something. i probably would have just been shocked that he said that and wouldn't have thought of anything to say until I got in the car.

KaraLyn said...

Cute pictures! You have got the most adorable kids! I would have been equally irritated at that man. What a jerk! Some people's fathers... I had a similar experience at a swimming pool once, but I can't go into it without getting angry. Having three little ones is certainly a trick, but you are doing a marvelous job at it! :)