Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween, Halloween, what does it mean?

I am a total Halloween party pooper this year, lame, I know. Just wasn't feelin it this year, so I pretty much didn't go to any effort with costumes. Damon is very particular about being Dracula every year, maybe one of these years he'll acutally let me dress him up and dye his hair and put the make-up on him. Andee was a princess only because that was something I knew she'd wear other than her throwing fits, and I wasn't even going to dress up until I saw Tyler's get-up, so I pulled out my old witch costume from last year. I'm so boring sometimes. Tyler left from Phoenix yesterday(Friday) at 5pm and got home today(Saturday) at 3:30am. We get to see him for a few days before he heads off to Denver for a month now. He brought his costume back with him. Ever heard this song, "Who let the dogs out? Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff" That's me, pullin my ugly scary face...ya. There's my cuties going trick or treating! I thought it was so cute watching them walk away. I'm kind of glad we live in a neighborhood where we can just walk door to door. After Damon was done trick or treating, he was so excited about answering the door for other trick or treaters. It was so funny, he was that excited everytime.


lauren said...

Damon is such a cute little man! Didn't he let you do his hair black last year? It's kind of a blessing that he wants to be the same thing every year, right? How easy is that?

angela said...

That's pretty good you still dress up even when you are a humbug...I wonder if I need to chill out sometimes too. Like if depriving the kids of too much will make them go overboard the other direction someday. I am hoping not, though. And if I can give them 18 years of good healthy food and habits, maybe that'll still serve them well when they decided to eat only soda and candy and chips in college....i do always struggle to find that balance. but you are not pscyo =). Such a beautiful family, you are beautiful. And my last babe was my one that helped me understand the phrase "sleep like a baby" better. Everyone deserves one of those. It makes the whole newborn experience SO much more enjoyable!

A and M said...

So I'm pretty jealous right now! I so want to live in a neighborhood with trick or treaters!!! And I wouldn't feel too lame about Halloween this year...Andrew and I definitely did not dress up at all. Lame.