Thursday, October 22, 2009

Damon Damon Damon

I think Damon's exhausted. For the past couple of months, Damon's been night walking (I guess that's what you would call it). At first I would find him in the weirdest places in the middle of the night. In the middle of Andee's room on the floor, in the hallway, I've even heard him walking around downstairs. I'll ask him what he's doing and he doesn't know or he'll say, "i'm just thinking". My reply to that is, "it's 3 in the morning, let's go think in your bed." It started making me nervous, so I told him whenever he gets out of bed to come into my room. That is what he's been doing for the past month or so. I'll hear him breathing or coughing or something and find him passed out in our rocking chair or in the middle of the floor. I'll wake him up and take him back to his room. This happens at least 4 times a week at least once or twice a night. It's actually very annoying, but I don't think he realizes what he is doing, so I can't get mad and can't really do anything about it. So today he got a little cut on his wrist, might I empahsize little. He refuses to wear band-aids so I put a wet rag on it. He wanted to lay on the couch, I put Katelynn's blanket on him, he didn't want it cuz it was a girl blanket. I took Andee upstairs for a few minutes to change her diaper and came down to find Damon soundly asleep (with the girl blanket). He hasn't taken a nap in a few months, and those of you who know Damon know he's not one to sit down and relax. I think the poor kid is exhausted from being up a couple times a night for the past couple months. So even though it is 4:30, I guess I'll let him sleep for a little while.

Look at those long, thick eyelashes!


cambersue said...

Damon does look exhausted in those pictures! Camber and I got a little chuckle out of this post as we read it, we kinda miss you guys. Damon looks really big too. I remember Tyler doing stuff like that too... I vaguely recall Tyler sleepwalking or having night terrors. Dallin was getting out of his bed a lot so we turned the doorknob around so we could lock him in... AND we unscrewed the lightbulb and unplugged the lights so he couldn't turn the lights on.

Mackey family said...

Hey Shaelee, thanks for the comment on my blog! Good to hear from you and catch up with you and your cute fam on your blog. Congrats on your new little girl, you look pretty good for just having a baby!