Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Friday was Ty's b-day. What can I say? I love Tyler and our family would be so empty without him. As soon as he walks through the door everyday, a smile lights up on everyone's face. It's the highlight of our day when daddy comes home. I decided to go all out for Ty's birthday and got ambitious. I got online on KSL and found him a weight set and over 200 lbs of weights for $120!!! Talk about a great deal. So I Ioaded all the kids up, drove to pick up the weights, got home unloaded each weight, the bench and accessories down to our extra bedroom, cleaned it up and then set it up. It took a good couple of hours (which wasn't easy with three kids), but I know how bad he wants to work out (has wanted to for the past 3 years). But, Tyler is worth it! We sure do love him. I even tried making a giraffe cake (Damon's idea), but it was really, really I tried not to get it in any pictures.

We had to light the candles with a blow torch because we didn't have matches.

Nothing too special, just hung out and enjoyed each other's company all night.

And of course, Katelynn slept through the whole ordeal!


Luanne Hardy said...

That's a really nice weight set. I'm glad that you were able to find it for such a good deal. Tell Tyler we say Happy Birthday!!

Mama J said...

Happy birthday Tyler! Is it the big "31"? Shae your such a good wife and now if you can't make it to the gym for weights you can sneak downstairs as well. You deserve the mom of the year award for hauling around three kids and setting up the weight bench.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler! I think he and Evan are the same age.
You are such a sweet wife to set up a weight room for him. I never could have handled carrying all those weights downstairs. I can hardly carry Daniel downstairs!
I love the fourth pic where Tyler is holding the camera and trying to look nonchalant. You guys are such a cute family!