Monday, September 14, 2009

1 month

Time flies when you're having fun, right? I guess so, because I can't believe it's been a month. We celebrated Katelynn's 1 month at my little brother's wedding. He got home from his mission in June, and his girlfriend (who they dated for two years in high school) waited for him. And 4 months later....BAM, married. How awesome is that? Anyways, I love the girl he married. They are so sweet together. At the end of their reception, they had a little dance and my little bro was crying and she was wiping his tears. So cute! You can tell he absolutely loves her and her him. Ahh, doesn't it remind you of your newlywed days? Here are some pics of our weekend....we forgot our camera 90% of the time, so actually just pictures of the wedding breakfast.

There's the bride and groom.

Chowin down!

There's me!

There's my dad!

My brother Shawn and Andee (who of course had chocolate on her face)

My red headed brother JC, and our family friend Devon Merritt

Tyler and my brother Judd

Katelynn at 1 month, she spent the weekend in that pose...sleeping. What a good little girl.

My mom and lil sis

It was such a fun weekend! Spending time with family, laughing most the time. My parents have a trampoline that Damon, JC, Kinny and I jumped on for about 2 hours. We played all the fun childhood games (crack the egg, dead man, dodge ball and duck-duck-goose) and just practicing old tricks. We talked my mom into getting on and playing with us. That was the highlight of it all. Watching her scream every time she jumped. Hilarious! She is a hoot. Damon loved the trampoline and I taught him how to do a few tricks. hmmmmm...what else....ya, pretty much just hanging out laughing and talking with everyone. Loved it! Glad we live closer and were able to attend their wedding.


nat said...

Randomly one of my YW in my ward looks exactly like your sis! Can't believe Andrew is married.

JaNae said...

If I had known that the reception was when we were in Sugar City I probably would have stopped by. Though we did have a big family party for Aubry that same day. You are all so cute!

cambersue said...

Holy Crap! you look amazing! how the heck are you that skinny after 1 month?!!! hope everythings goign well and you're adjusting to life. love you guys!

Marielle said...

ShaeLee you look incredible!