Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick Update

Life has been so hectic trying to move. We are moving to Salt Lake today and have had the craziest time. Last night we had a bunch of help to load up our u-haul only to find out that it wasn't big enough, so we loaded the extra stuff into the garage and finally figured out that we would rent a trailer to pull behind it. So all day today, Tyler was at different U-hauls trying to find a trailer. Finally we found one in Alameda and finally got the ball rolling about 1:00 this afternoon. Talk about stress! So, it's about 3:00 pm and Tyler still hasn't gotten on the road. Not the plan at all!!! Plan was to be out by 8 or 9 this morning! Oh well, at least we're finally on our way. And at least I get to fly in tomorrow with the kids after everything has been unpacked:) When I have time, I'll post some pics of our new house.


Luanne Hardy said...

This post makes me sad! You two have been so much. :( Well, I hope you enjoy SLC and I'll talk to you later.
Oh and I seem to be the queen of not getting out on time so I know how that feels.

D and A said...

I'm so sad Shae! I totally wanted to come by yesterday with a little plane care package but the day just went on its own path. We are going to miss you guys SO much. But we're so excited for you to have a home and some space to breath. Hope your flight went great. I'm sure we'll keep in touch. Love you!

P.S: now who do I visit teach? :o(

Kim said...

Wow, blah! I hate moving but I haven't had to move with two kids..yet! haha I hope everything went ok!!!

Papa and G-ma said...

Dear Shaelee and Tyler,
When I read your post it reminded me of when JD and I finished and finally left SF! We were afraid to "look back" when we crossed the Bay Bridge, we might have melted!! haha I am guessing you have a residency in SLC? Good luck to you all. Oh Tyler when you meet up with Dr. Greg Anderson tell him hello from THe Clark Family! JD and Greg had some real battles on the BB court. (many moons ago in San Fran) Sure excited about new little Porter!!

cambersue said...

So I think its kinda weird you are going to live in SLC! It will be a LOT closer to home so that will be nice for ShaeLee so she can be around family when Tyler is doing his rotations. I'm really happy for you... we'll come visit the next time we fly home, and you have a HOUSE lined up. Good luck getting settled in, its a lot of work! Come visit if you can before we leave Florida... go on a cruise and you can leave your kids with Camber!