Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our new home!

Here is the one picture I've taken at our house, it's been too crazy to think about taking pictures until about now. But, we bought Damon a bike and it's awesome because I don't have to worry about him riding it in the road because we live in this little culdesac, but after getting comfortable on his bike he decided to venture off when I wasn't looking. And just outside our little circle is down hill which he headed down. I started chasing after him (which probably looked hilarious with my big belly) and he was smart enough to turn into someone's driveway, but ended that with a big crash. So, he's been a little hesitant since then to get on his bike. Maybe when his wounds heal, he'll forget about the crash. It's so nice having the freedom to go outside and not worry about the kids too much. I swear it's just what we needed. It's been a cure for the trouble Damon got into in Oakland, shut up in an apartment building most the day. He's a different kid and loves having the freedom to go outside and play.

Poor Damon didn't get much of a b-day this year, because it landed on the day we flew out, so at our little good bye party I brought some cake and we sang happy b-day to him, and his nice friends even brought him some presents. He's going to miss his friends so much...misses his friends so much.

I put my brother J.C. to some good use while he was staying with us, gave him all the dirty work. Try not to notice how dirty the oven is....didn't clean it once when we lived there! EEEEWWW, how disgusting is that? Thanks JC!


D and A said...

can't wait to see photos of the new house!! so excited for you guys! miss you though!

Brittany and Steve Macbeth said...

We miss you guys already - BUT we will be joining you in the "Land of Zion" (ha ha) soon!

Luanne Hardy said...

How exciting for you guys. Your bro can come clean my oven now!

Jenny said...

Happy b-day Damon! I'm glad you found a house with a yard and a lot of room to play.
Your oven must have been the ONLY thing in your apartment you never cleaned. I swear your house is always spotless!!!!!