Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving came a little early for us this year. My Dad, bro and lil sis drove down Friday, the 21st, from Idaho and stayed for about a week. They left today, Thanksgiving day :( I am really going to miss them. I loved every second they were here, it was so much fun. We mostly hung out, went to parks, and out to eat. Grandpa Scott took Damon on lots of walks and bought him a train utility belt, Kinny took Damon to Bolt, my dad and I went running and worked out together, and Uncle Judd slept a lot, and made us laugh a lot, too. He also bought Damon some more trains (just what he needed). We ate a ton of food this week, probably gained a couple of pounds each, but it was totally worth it! Thanks you guys for making that sacrifice to drive all that way, I don't think you realize how much we appreciated it. Thanks for a great week! Time flew by, we miss you!

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