Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun pics

This is one of those pics that are so ugly it's cute. She sleeps in our dark closet, so when she wakes up and we turn on the light, it takes a minute for her to adjust and she always pulls this face. I'm her mom, so of course I think it's cute!

Isn't it amazing how fast babies grow in the first year? I am in awe when I look at this picture and realize how much Andee has grown this year!


cambersue said...

Hey, this is Jerry... I just need to say that turning the lights on to wake someone up is cruel! Camber's learning that lesson slowly.

nat said...

Got enough binkies in there? Hey are things calming down over there with Prop 8?

Tyler and ShaeLee May said...

Hey Nat,
a funny story about the binkies, i was just watching her sleep one night, and she would feel around with her hands for a binkie and put it in her mouth while she was sleeping. I thought it was pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

She is too cute!!!!