Thursday, June 19, 2008



Damon, at 6 months, used to talk so loud that he would make his cousin Hallie cry. Andee Squeaks.


Carp, Melis, Kimmi, & Telf said...

Your kids are so cute! I haven't seen you in forever. How are you liking Cali? We are loving Hawaii! Melissa is getting married the end of August and we decided this would be our last chance to do something like this.

McArthurs said...

That's so funny. She's a cutie. So Shae, are you going home any time this summer? If so when, cuz if you are, we need to plan something. Oh yeah, and when are you gonna run the big race? I'm super jealous.

cambersue said...

Love the family pics! we need to get some done. they turned out darling! you do have some pretty cute kids! Hopefully we'll be able to rendezvous some time! It'd be so fun to get the boys together!

cambersue said...

Hey I wanted to tell you how big our kids are now. so we went to the dr.s on monday adn Preslie is 31 lbs. and 35" and the doctor told me whe is going to be 5'10" and he also suggested that it would be just fine if I gave her 1% milk! I couldn't believe it. anyway Dallin is now 42 lbs. and 41 1/2". They totally get the height from me...yep I take all the credit ;)

The Shelton Family said...

Hey Mays
You have an adorable family I heard Andee is getting big and looks like a toddler and I am sure Damon is just as fun as ever.
we miss you guys and hope all is wonderful.