Friday, March 28, 2008


When I got back from Rexburg I figured it was time to start potty training. We got Damon some undies and the first two days he peed his pants everytime. Then Wednesday night when Tyler got home from school he was getting Damon ready for bed and kind of new he had to go number two. So he stuck him on the toilet just to see what would happen. He could tell Damon was embarrassed so kind of hid from his view. He heard Damon pushing and next thing you know he had gone to the bathroom. We were so happy and proud of him, could it really be that easy? Of course not! He's yet to make it to the bathroom since then. That's okay though, we're just getting started. I can't expect too much from him just yet.


cambersue said...

Wow...we're not even attempting that. Dallin is no where near ready. I'm thinking maybe i'll just potty train dallin and preslie at the same time?! everyone says girls are ready before boys right?

Grifter said...

Ty and ShaeLee:

Crazy...stumbled in here by randomly following links on other people's blogs. You're raising a gorgeous family..congrats. Just thought I'd say hello.


Joe Griffin

nat said...

Hey Shae! This is your old neighbor Natalee S. How in the world are you? I randomly stumbled across your blog by blog stalking. Sorry. Anyways it was great to see your family. You have such cute kids! My blog is private so if we can find a way to get your email I will invite you. I don't like posting mine. Anyways, see ya later! Nat