Monday, August 15, 2011

Katelynn's 2

Happy Birthday Katelynn!

Her two cabbage patch dolls are adorable and she loves them.

The videos are super cute, but I don't want to wait hours for them to upload.  Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl!


D and A said...

Damon...hilarious! Ha. I almost didn't recognize K! She is looking so grown up!

KaraLyn said...

Oh my goodness, your kids are SO adorable! Wish we could have seen you more while you were here. :/ At least I got to run into you at the grocery store! Haha! :D

Brooke Bailey said...

My Brindee turns 2 next week. Where did the past 2 years go huh? Your Katelyn is adorable and has gotten tall! So is there going to be a #4?

cambersue said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Wish we could have spent more time with you guys. Hopefully someday we'll see Tyler again, who knows? ;)
We just signed Dallin up for first grade today! Yahoo, I'm so ready for school to start!