Friday, April 8, 2011


Just eating a "super healthy" breakfast before school.

Damon has this new thing where he says, "Look mom, look how cute we are!" and he'll have his arm around Andee or Katelynn.  One reason I love this picture is because they both just woke up and have the puffy eye/morning look.  I told Andee to open her eyes and smile and this is what I got!  HAHA.  

Tonight I was putting Andee and Katelynn to bed and Damon was down in the family room.  After I finished with the girls I went downstairs to read with Damon.  He held up a book and said, "I want you to read this book, mommy" so I sat down on the couch with him and opened the book and this note fell out.  He had been writing it while I was putting Andee and Katelynn to bed, and folded it up and "hid" it in the book where I would find it.  I thought it was the cutest thing ever.  Made me cry, just a little.  What a thoughtful little boy.


Jaimee said...

Kids are so sweet. They know how to make you feel so good. Your kiddo's are getting so big. I am so happy for you!

The Bec-ster said...

I love little love notes to mom too! That is sweet.

Amy Covington said...

Your kids are super adorable! We miss you guys so much, I can't believe how much kaitlynn has grown! I'm sure the Damon and Andee have grown too its just not as noticable in pictures. Hope your doing good!