Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Pics

The coloring turned out really bad for some reason, so I turned into a black and white and it's still not a very good picture.

One night I was doing homework with Damon, Andee was coloring and Katelynn was, well, doing what she does best.  Getting into trouble.  I knew she was under the table and I was completely ignoring her.  I could feel her playing with my leg but paid no attention.  Later that night when I was putting some socks on I noticed this and realized that she was drawing on my leg with marker!  Good thing it was my leg and not the walls.

Katelynn in her "Christmas Story" apparel.

Andee in her "nest"

Damon in his "nest".  We have to bundle them up when they watch a movie down in the basement (it's so cold down there).  Damon came up with the terminology "nest".  Works for me.  They look so cozy!


jo said...

Hey! I met you at the park last summer and was wondering if you wanted to setup a playdate? I was pregnant at the time, and now David is 6 months. Naomi was 2 1/2 and running about. I had called your cell but I think it has changed since! Feel free to check out my blog or email me! ADORABLE pics!

Kim said...

haha I love your 'nests'! Katelynn is looking so big!!!

taggdarci said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute!! Love the pics and update!!