Saturday, December 11, 2010

Andee's Birthday

December 1 was Andee's 3rd birthday.  The second she woke up, she asked me "is today my birthday?" She was so excited when I told her yes!  Damon was just as excited, he was running around the house yelling, "it's Andee's birthday, it's Andee's birthday".  Just a normal day, until evening after dinner.  We waited as long as possible for Tyler to get home, but ended up partying without him :(  Our birthday song sounds so pathetic, it makes me laugh every time I watch it.  

I bought this Jessie doll about a year ago for really cheap on some kind of Kohl's sweet deals.  I have been saving it in my "secret hiding place" for a whole year now and was grateful to finally give it to her.  

Damon was so excited to get his Woody out and play with her.  Love those guys!

Damon is also very into "writing notes" and he wrote this for Andee.  He knows that exclamation points are for when you are excited, he uses them a lot in his "notes".  As you can see he was really excited for Andee's birthday.  We ran to KMart that night, while the cake was cooking (it's seriously right around the corner from us) to get some frosting and I let Andee pick out some paper plates.  I thought for sure she would pick Tinkerbell or the Princess plates, but to my surprise she picked Little Pony plates.  What a fantastic night.  No more birthday's Andee, please stay 3 forever!


Mama J said...

I can't believe she's 3! She's darling and is looking so grown up. I'm sorry Tyler couldn't be there. Bummer! I love how Katelynn is so excited as well.

Still wanting to come visit....crossing my fingers it won't be too much longer.

Debra and JD said...

Oh Shaylee she is so cute! I just got back from a week with Dallin,Preslie and Porter...oh yea Camber and Jerry were there too! I forget they live there! haha The kids are growing up so fast. Enjoy the Holidays!