Sunday, February 14, 2010


Katelynn is officially 6 months old and spoiled by me! I just know that she is going to grow out of the baby stage too quickly and I'm hanging on. I love holding her, she loves to snuggle her cheek against mine. She is never going to learn to crawl because I love to hold her too much. Darn. Guess that's one way to keep them from growing up too fast, right? She is a sweet, happy, easy-going baby. She cooperates well when we go out and do things. She tolerates her older brother and sister smothering her. She sleeps through the night, and she loves to EAT! She snarfs down her solids so fast (must take after her mom). Her two bottom teeth are about to pop through, just waiting for the first day I get that bite, OUCH! I'm not sure about her measurements, but her 6 month check-up is Friday. Then I'll let you know how big the little stinker is. She is such a joy to our family. Don't grow up Katelynn, stay this young forever!


cambersue said...

We held porter off as long as we could in the crawling business...but, unfortunately he learned anyway:) I totally know how you feel, I just want this baby to stay a baby for another year...that's all i'm asking just one more year of babyhood.

Alisa said...

What a cute little girl!! I love her head bands.

JaNae said...
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