Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stir Crazy

This winter hasn't been too bad, but the kids do go a little crazy being inside all day. The other day was pretty warm (warm enough) so I dressed them up and sent them outside to see that they found the biggest puddle of water out there. They got soaked, but at least they were outside having fun.


Luanne Hardy said...

I think I forget it snows in other places and I get surprised when I see it.

McArthurs said...

Those are some cute pics Shae. It looks like they're having fun. Jete doesn't ever want to go outside now that it's cold. So we've pretty much stayed inside this whole winter so far. Yuck!

Luke, Brittny, and Wyatt said...

Hey looks like fun! Wyatt loves to go outside! I can't wait until Keagan is old enough to go out with him!