Saturday, June 20, 2009

A few faves

One of my ultimate faves, only because this is a daily ritual. Damon sitting in timeout, of course blows it way out of proportion, Andee sitting by him wondering "Why the heck is he so upset, I'm the one that just got hit!" It's so funny to me that she always sits by him when he's in timeout.

Isn't she just adorable?

Damon wanted Andee to sleep by him....big mistake. After about a half hour of them just laying there talking (which was so precious) and Damon playing with Andee's hair, I had to break it up (9:00 pm). Andee was so upset, Damon was kind of relieved cuz he went to sleep right after that.


D and A said...

Kids are too cute! Damon in time out is classic

Devin, Shellie, Addie, Connor And Noah said...

So cute. We tried the sleeping in the same bed thing this week too. It always seems like a good idea but then it ends up with them laughing and getting hyper and taking much longer to go to sleep. I guess it was worth a shot though uh?

A and M said...

Love that time out face. It can be so traumatic! Looks like they're becoming good buds. Too cute!

McArthurs said...

That's so cute that they will just lay there and talk, and i love that he is playing with her hair. Maybe it will be fun with two kids....I'm not quite convinced yet. :)