Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well I think Damon's earned the right for me to brag about him. Yes, that's right...brag! I am so proud of him and how well he is doing with potty training. He's been sleeping all through the night for about two weeks undies! I didn't even tell him to. I had been putting him in diapers at night and noticed that we was waking up dry. So, I stuck him in undies at nights, and he hasn't had an accident yet! Also he is just starting to go potty without telling me. Yesterday I was doing the dishes, when I was finished I went looking for Damon and found him on the toilet going number 2! What a stud! I can't believe how easily he caught on. I am so proud of him.


brittny said...

Thats awesome Shae!! Congrats on the hard work. You will definitly have to let me know how its done!

cambersue said...

Wow! So I think it just may be time. We'll have to go get some undies for him. That's amazing!