Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Spring Break

At the Aquarium! After two hours of looking at fish, Damon was done at the aquarium. I know Tyler and John wanted to "get their money's worth", but two hours is a long time! Thank goodness Andee slept the whole time in her stroller! Couldn't ask for more than that!


cambersue said...

Fun pictures...we have a picture in the same oyster! We went to that aquarium 2 1/2 years ago when we went to Pebble Beach for my cousins wedding. The same thing happend to us...I dont' even know if we lasted 2 hours! Dallin was just 5 months old.

Garrett and Mindy Sessions said...

Hey man! and Shae
We loved looking at your blog! It makes me miss california. You guys have the cutest kids. Tyler it is amazing how much you little boy looks just like you.
-Garrett and Mindy

Kim said...

Yay for blogging!!! Shae how are you?! I LOVE your hair! I can't believe you have two kids! They are so cute! I LOVE the name Damon, it is at the top of my boy name list!

Marielle said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!! Next time I go to Pacific Grove, I want to go with just me, Sam and Hadley instead of a bunch of crazy young women!

Tyler & Terrah Harper said...

Hi, Shaelee:

I don't know if you remember me from junior high and high school. I found your blog through Jodi's and Brittny's. Your kids sure are cute!

~ Terrah Conrad Harper :)

JaNae said...

Shae! I stumbled onto your blog from Natalee's. Actually she told me that she found yours and I had to see! How have you been? Your family is so cute! Congrats on Andee, she is beautiful. My first is now 7 months old. It's crazy